From the days of the Mughal era, street food has been a way of life in India. Inspired by the markets of New Delhi, we bring classic Indian street food to Nottingham, including Dahi Golgappa (crispy, stuffed puris originating in Mumbai), Vada Pao (Bombay’s version of a chip butty with a spicy Ghati masala) and Kati Rolls (roasted kebabs wrapped in parata bread, originating in West Bengal).

We also specialise in different methods of Indian barbecue, utilising tandoors, charcoal grills and open flame cooking. Dishes include the Roanoke-E-Seek: a Hydrabad dish showcasing a blend of spices with mutton, peppers and onions cooked over an open flame while our Tandoori Salmon Tikka is marinated overnight before being cooked in a traditional clay oven.


We marry together the botanical and floral flavours of India with the food and spirit of the restaurant. Our signature cocktails include the Tulsi Royal, which marries together Holy Basil with floral rose syrup, a Masala Chai Martini, and the Jaisalmer, named after the Golden City of India.

We also serve Lassis: a Punjabi yoghurt drink and a perfect accompaniment to spicy food, Sharabats made with fresh fruits and exotic flowers and our house Masala Chai: an Indian spiced milk tea brewed with a mix of aromatic spices and herbs.